Transformational mentoring to re-invent your life

Life coaching and expert guidance to transform anxiety, stress and struggle into happiness and hope.

Through intuitive mentoring, I support women struggling with stress, fear, or decisions around puberty, preconception, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and beyond. I reflect to women the truth of who they are, which enables them to discern their soul purpose and utilize the power inherent within. Shifting old patterns and identifying and releasing limiting beliefs that keep you stuck allows women to create joyful and purposeful lives.

  •  Do you feel lost and unfulfilled in your life?
  • Are you constantly rushing somewhere, yet never feeling that you arrive?
  • Do you truly know where you are headed?
  • Do you sometimes feel trapped and wish the circumstances of your life would change and set you free?

I help women who are stressed, struggling or settling for less to “Birth the Lives they Love to Live!”


Barbara Schultz

The Soul Midwife




Your voice

Isn’t just for speaking your truth.

It’s your winning lottery ticket.

You aren’t: invisible, inadequate, undeserving, shaky, dumb, unimportant, hopeless, inferior, powerless or weak.

Or even ancient…

You’re just a woman.

Overflowing with wisdom.


That’s been quiet way too long.

Whether you’re surrounded by colleagues or asking for a raise.

Whether you’re alone with your partner wishing he could really hear you.

Or patiently waiting to be acknowledged by those you care-take every day.


One thing’s for sure…

The secret to being seen and heard Is a Transformational Mentor.

Sure, you show up every day.

You smile, nod and listen hard.

You’ve mastered caring for everyone and everything.


But there’s just one little problem

Who is Taking Care of You?

The glue YOU sticking it all together.

The bright, creative, sensitive and funny YOU.

And while hanging around to make everyone else OK. doesn’t light your fire or fill you with desire.


Deep in your soul you know there is something more.

You aren’t:






Or even uncool……..

You’re just spinning on a hamster wheel to nowhere!


Ready to take the leap?

The secret to landing safely is having someone to hold your hand.

To walk beside you every step of the way.

Someone who has been where you are and knows the way to freedom.


Introducing The Soul Midwife

Offering a supportive, fun, individualized mentorship program for female baby boomers whom yearn for a passionate, joy filled, freedom based lifestyle.

Women who work hard. Women who love totally. Women who really care.

Because while you’ve survived just fine all these years, this is about more than survival.

This is about arrival.

Arrive to a world that reflects who you are. Arrive to a life of freedom and fun. Arrive to the future you’ve worked (hard) for. And arrive to a place you finally deserve. That place?

It isn’t your house. It isn’t your car. It issn’t Nordstrom or Macy’s. It isn’t even an all expense paid luxury cruise to the Bahamas. (though that is a close second)


It’s your soul

The place where you’re all knowing, all powerful self lives.

Except it might be tricky to find your way. You haven’t visited there in a very long time.

Sure you’ve managed to keep showing up wearing a smile.

You’ve read the self-help books and attended seminars.

You are pretty sure you can make the shift on your own.

But there is one little problem…


Your life is not changing

You still feel unseen and unheard.

Every day brings more of the same.

Because it is just to scary to make the changes alone.

And while staying stuck happens to the lots of folks.

It’s just not who YOU are.

You are a change-maker


And that’s where The Soul Midwife comes in

I offer a mentorship program designed with you in mind.

Because I know it can scare the bejeezus out of you to leap without a parachute.

So we’ll jump tandem and I’ll pull the ripcord.

I realize time and money are precious commodities.

So I’ll help you discover where they may be hiding.

I understand how scary it is to navigate off your hamster wheel.

So I’ll hold the compass and draw you a map.

You won’t feel alone, dread making decisions, and continue feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Because it’s your time now-to figure out who you are and what you want out of life.

To stop playing small and feeling invisible.

It’s YOUR time now!!