I am Barbara Schultz – creator of The Soul Midwife. As a nurse-midwife, healer, and mom for over three decades, I passionately assist women to birth their abundant lives.

As an intuitive mentor, I help midlife women transform anxiety into prosperity as they contemplate major life changes. I offer individualized support and step by step guidance to support women in co-creating the life their soul is longing for. Shifting old patterns and identifying and releasing limiting beliefs through work in the Akashic Record, allows women to create abundant and prosperous lives.

Midwife (miď- wīf) means with woman. As a certified nurse-midwife birthing human babies, thousands of women sought my help as they struggled to find balance in their lives. Most juggled career, home, family, health and self-care –usually unsuccessfully- leaving their own needs for last. These stressed and often unfulfilled women recognized they were somehow settling, but for a myriad of reasons could not wrest free from responsibilities long enough to find the joyful, peaceful, inspiring life of their dreams. I suffered through similar circumstances myself.

Following my passion and love for animals, I eventually left the corporate medical/ midwifery world and traded birthing human kids for birthing GOAT kids! Realizing my dream of running a small farm, I milked goats, made cheese, raised chickens, ducks and grew vegetables. Yet the struggle persisted as I multi-tasked and raced the clock; raised my son, ran the farm and worked as a hospice nurse to pay the bills- until I got hurt spitting firewood needed to heat my home. The universe forced me to stop and climb off this treadmill. Patient and loving teachers, my animal companions stood by me. They exemplified unconditional love and taught many valuable life lessons- how to stay present, how to allow nature to nurture one’s spirit and how to savor silence to discern inner guidance-where truth resides.

In the stillness, I found my soul purpose and now passionately provide healing and intuitive mentoring to women in all walks of life. I have been a registered nurse for over 35 years and received my MSN in Nurse-Midwifery from Yale University in 1992. I served women as a health care provider in a variety of clinical settings; case managed clients and families in their homes, and counseled countless women through life changes, trauma, addiction and abuse. About 15 years ago, I became a Reiki Master and began channeling and doing hands-on healing work. I utilized a variety of healing modalities such as reflexology, aromatherapy, magnified healing, angel cards and herbalism.

Most recently, I became certified in reading the Akashic records, the unique blueprint of one’s soul, with you through all time, since before your conception. (See blog post for more info about the Akashic Record) This deeply rewarding work reveals the root cause for much of your stress, struggle and pain. Until you clear those old vows, hooks, cords and imprints, you stay stuck in scarcity, unhealthy relationships, and unfulfilling jobs. I can access your soul’s truth and compassionately offers practical solutions to end your struggle and indecision. I, Barbara Schultz, The Soul Midwife, will mentor you to birth a richly rewarding life.